.Was supposed to be one contemporary opera , the intersection of the aesthetics and languages ​​of the theater of Palmilha Dentada and the new music of Interferencia. 

Unfortunately, things went wrong. 

Multimedia Concert for Viola, Percussion, Electronics and Video, about the sound and artistic potential of stuttering, as well as its limitations and consequences.

The challenge is for the listener and consists of looking for musical instruments hidden around the house. Then, gather the family and follow up our tales!

The Portuguese Cultural Heritage accompanied by Portuguese composers music, through a mobile application of site specific musical creation ..

The rubric that suggests digital content related to artistic creation, usually hidden on the Internet and ideal to watch on the couch!

Multimedia Concert for Trumpet, Percussion, Electronics and Video, about the city-countryside dichotomy, told through the voice of a collective character.

Network of active entities linked to creation, education, interpretation and research, in the context of erudite contemporary music.

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